Jonathan Livingston Seagull a story…ये चिडिया क्या सिखायेगी !!!

Author: Richard Bach’s

Are you going through bad times or feel low for any reason?

Try reading this book. I am sure you will discover yourself again.

What can I say about this book. It’s just amazing.

How I get to know about this...One day I was watching interview of Mr. Rahul Dravid, the Ex. wall of Indian cricket team on YouTube, where he addressed how he tackled his problem during his long career by different means. In that interview he shared some thoughts on this book.

Watch part of his interview here,

Time section between 5.00 to 9.00 min.

Talking about this book, Jonathan Livingstone is a seagull, who just denied to think that the purpose of flying is to search food, he believed that flying high is his life. He just surrendered himself to the sky. The story narrates and draws attention of reader to how we restrict ourselves, our lives to around some things, although we have potential to achieve our dreams.

Must Read Book.

Please read the book share your thoughts.

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